Doing Good FAQ

What is included?

During this campaign, I will be offering 1 package. It will include:

  • 1 hour of photography time at a location of your choice within Greater Lansing
  • a Custom slide show of 15 edited images
  • a Custom Gallery for all of your mobile devices
  • 5 edited digital images with copyright release

Additional products will be available for purchase after November 15th.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Until November 15, I am offering my services for free with only the request of a donation in return. I am asking for a $50 donated “sitting fee” with a additional request of $15 for every additional subject. For example, one child at the park would be a suggested donation of $50. 3 children at the park would be a suggested donation of $80. A family of 4 plus the dog would be a suggested donation of $110. And so on.

How do I give to REACH Studio Art Center

You can either write a check made out to REACH Studio Art Center and give it to me or mail it directly to them. You can also donate with a credit card. A check is preferred as no credit card fees will be deducted from your gift.

Is my donation tax deductible?

REACH is a certified 501(c)(3) not for profit organization and any donations given above the market value of my service, can be used towards your tax deduction.

Really, why are you doing this?

It must seem a little strange that I would give away my services and not see any money for it at all. As an AmeriCorps VISTA I am paid a living stipend. It is also part of my service to not accept monitory compensation during my service year. It is a funny rule and hard to understand, but I have decided to make the best of it! I’m thrilled that I can help REACH, my community, and my clients in this unique way!

What if  I do not want to donate to REACH?

A donation is not required. If  you would like to show your support in another way, I am accepting gifts of gift certificates from one of the following: | Allied Photo | USB | Gas Card