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Lansing Senior Photography

Back in my day, I walked to school uphill both ways and gave away wallet sized images of my senior pictures to my friends. Well, that’s not the way it is any more!

I’m super excited to offer the Class of 2014 a special Digital Image package this year! I still think printed images are important (I do tend to preach that it is the best way to preserve your images for future generations and that is important to me) but students love to share their images through their phones and on the web – and I do, too!

So what’s the deal? You still get to choose 2 locations and multiple outfits and we’ll get that Yearbook headshot done they way they need it. But here’s the cool thing – you can choose up to 15 images that I will put into a cool photo gallery you get to carry around on your phone and the web! Not to mention the digital files themselves.

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Lansing senior photography


A special ‘Thanks’ to my hand model/office neighbor and occupational therapist Michael O’Connor and my editor/brother and archeologist Terry Brock