My Logo. My Story.

Lansing Family Photographer

The three generations of cameras in my logo represent the magic of looking back in time through photographs. The oldest camera in the collection is a No.1A Pocket Kodak that my great grandfather used to photograph my grandmother and her siblings growing up on the farm in Rush County, Indiana, during the 1920s. In the 1960s my then ten year old aunt used the Six-20 Brownie Junior camera to photograph her childhood friends and family in suburban Washington, D.C. My aunt and great grandfather weren’t thinking of me when they took these photographs, but now I can see the past through their eyes. What a wonderful gift!

The photographs I take not only give happiness today but will create magic for their family’s future generations. Will the picture I take of a graduating senior in 2013, one day be put in a frame to be admired by a future granddaughter or niece? I am a photographer because I can give family history to my clients. My gift to you.

A big Thank You to my dear friends Rebecca Green of My Blank Paper for illustrating my logo and Khalid Ibrahim of Eat Pomegranate Photography for the portraits. And, of course, my Family for their love, support and their cameras.

Lansing Family PhotographerLansing Family PhotographerLansing Family PhotographerLansing Family Photographer