Tell a story in your space

Let me to create original artwork of your favorite place or a meaningful theme to decorate your personal or professional space. 

A unique creation for your space.

Pricing on an individual, contractual basis includes:

  • Skype consultation of ideas and details (in-person included for locations in Grand Rapids or Lansing, MI)
  • 5 hours of shooting on location
  • travel time to location
  • meal stipend
  • post production
  • proof book of photographer’s favorite images

Additional costs not included:

  • Travel outside of grater Grand Rapids or Lansing, MI (May include but not limited to driving milage, airplane ticket, train ticket, etc)
  • Hotel for overnight stay
  • Any additional travel within or to additional location

Level 1 – $780

  • Location within the grater Grand Rapids or Lansing area

Level 2 – $780 plus travel costs

  • Location within 2 hours driving outside Grand Rapids or Lansing, MI

Level 3 – search chicago hotel cost

  • Location more than 2 hours/less than 3.5 hours driving from Grand Rapids, MI
  • 1 night overnight stay required

A La Carte:

  • In-person consultation outside of Grand Rapids or Lansing, MI – $50 plus costs
  • Consultation on framing images – $100
  • Consultation on image location within space – $100
  • Extra shoot time on location – $100/hour