Lansing Family Photography

About Kim Brock

I’m Kim Brock. I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in studio art and I’ve been a professional photographer ever since. I specialize in family, children and high school senior portrait and wedding photography. My style is fresh, creative and fun. I’ve always enjoyed Baltimore’s diversity and appreciation for the arts, I’m so happy to call it my new home. When I am not doing photography I am making tap handles at Mark Supik & Co or probably freaking-out over some sporting event envolving my alma mater.

Lansing Family Photography

My Logo

The three generations of cameras in my logo represent the magic of looking back in time through photographs. The oldest camera in the collection is a No. A1 Pocket Kodak that my great grandfather used to photograph my grandmother and her siblings growing up on the farm in Rush County, Indiana, during the 1920s. In the 1960s my then ten year old aunt used this Six- 20 Brownie Junior camera to photograph her childhood friends and family in suburban Washington, D.C. My aunt and great grandfather weren’t thinking of me when they took these photographs, but now I can see the past through their eyes. What a wonderful gift!

I am a photographer because I can give family history to my clients. The photographs I take not only give happiness today but will create magic for my client’s families and their future generations. Will the picture I take of a graduating senior in 2013 be put in a frame to be admired by a future granddaughter or niece? Will a soon-to-be bride and her fiancé see the pictures of her parents’ wedding and sense the same feelings of excitement and hope their parents felt anticipating their special day?

Lansing Wedding Photography

I want your portrait to say something about who you are. This means you can wear what you’re comfortable wearing, in a place you love. While we will get a few posed shots, my portraits are not about big cheesy smiles at the camera. I won’t give an overwhelming amount of direction and I’m going to encourage your kids to be kids. So don’t worry, we’re going to have fun!

What to expect

Photographs are an investment of time and money. They are also an investment in your family’s visual history. I want your photos to be something you’ll love every time you look at them.

Before I click my shutter even once, we’ll sit down and get to know each other so I can learn about you and your style. If I will be photographing your kids, this is a great chance for them to see me, size me up and get comfortable around me and my camera. That way, when I start clicking away, everyone will be more relaxed – and that will show in your pictures.

At that initial meeting, we’ll schedule a time and choose a place (or places) for your photo shoot. Then, when the date arrives, we’ll have fun. I like to shoot a mixture of posed, true portraits as well as casual, candid images. To schedule your consultation, please contact me.

A few weeks after our shoot, I will come back to your home to share the final photographs with you and help you choose what you need and what you like.

I love to share images! I often post my clients images on facebook, twitter and my webpage. Fill out my Customer Information Form give me more information about your family and privacy wishes.


Traditional Prints and Gallery Wraps

Facebook is great but don’t just post on your wall, hang it up! Let’s make works of art of you and your family. And your Great Aunt can finally get her portrait of the whole family she’s been bugging you about.


Don’t get me wrong, I love having my pictures on my computer but there is nothing better than going over to Grandma’s house and flipping through the family albums. But why not bring that experience into the 21st century? No more sticky cover sheets and loose prints all over the place. Order an Anthology Album and create a digest of your family as it grows. Your grandchildren will thank you for it.


Lansing Family Photographer